Finding the Perfect Bling.....I mean Ring!

Today's post is all about engagement rings, and what better day than Valentines day to talk about pretty diamonds!  No guy wants to go to the jewelry store without some knowledge about rings and what his future fiance likes. It's a big investment so you want to make sure its perfect and with so many options for cut, color, and styles it can be a bit overwhelming.  My friend Aimee, owner of Aimee Reynolds Photography, and I took a day trip to Stowe's Jewelers in Fairhope, Alabama to get a little insight on finding the perfect ring that will have her saying “I Do.” 

Budgeting for the Ring:  First, its important to note everyone’s budget is different, so you need to set one that you are comfortable with.  It may be helpful to ring shop well in advance of your ideal proposal date so you have time to save up. Also, keep in mind that most jewelers can work out a payment plan for you to pay off the ring over the course of several months. Beautiful rings come in all price ranges. Today while at Stowe's Jewelers we looked at rings that ranged from $1,500 up to $40,000.00. 

The Four C’s: Cut, Clarity , Color and Carat. Every guy should brush up on the four c’s prior to ring shopping. This will help to ensure you know the product you are getting is worth the price tag. Here is a brief description of the four c’s;

Cut: We often think cut refers to round, oval, pear, cushion, but the cut of a diamond is really about how well a diamonds facets interact with light, aka its sparkle. Even if a diamond has a perfect clarity and color it can still apear dull if the cut is bad. 

Clarity: The clarity of the diamond refers to its inclusions (blemishes) on the inside or outside of the diamond. The purer the diamond the more the value. 

Color: The color evaluation of most diamonds is based on the absence of color. A perfect diamond has no hue, like a drop of water. The clearer the diamond the higher the value.

Carat: Diamond carat weight is the measurement of how much a diamond weighs. The higher the carat, the higher the price. 

Popular Wedding Ring Shapes

Oval: Below the ring in the center of the display is an oval cut center stone. It is 2.71 ct accented with .61ct diamonds and .55ct of sapphires in a platinum setting. 

Cushion Cut: The ring on the top left is .74 cushion cut diamond accented with .50ct of diamonds in a platinum setting.  

Round: This is probably the most popular shape of all three. The top right corner is a 1.51ct round diamond accented with .45ct diamonds in the platinum setting.   

Three of the more popular cuts, round, cushion and oval. 

Three of the more popular cuts, round, cushion and oval. 

Popular Wedding Ring Styles

Antique Rings

Antique rings are usually easy to identify based on their ornate feel and ‘different’ settings. This one pictured below is a 14K Yellow Gold Setting and .68 ct diamonds. 

Antique Engagement Ring 

Antique Engagement Ring 

Oval Morganite

Morganite is a beautiful stone that will help those working within a tighter budget. This ring pictured below is 1.03 ct., .28 ct worth of diamonds accents and a 14k Rose Gold Setting. Rose Gold is also a very popular setting for 2018. 

Morganite and Rose Gold Engagement

Morganite and Rose Gold Engagement

Halo Rings

Halo rings became very popular about five years ago and still remain a top seller. The halo ring below features 1.0 ct worth of diamonds in a 14kt white gold setting. 

Halo ring and wedding band

Halo ring and wedding band

Colored Diamonds

Colored stones are a big trend right now. We have seen pink, blue and yellow all make for beautiful and unique engagement rings. One of the most popular colored diamonds, and one of the most expensive, is the canary diamond. This ring features a 1.02ct canary diamond, accented by .46cts in a platinum band. 

Canary Diamond Engagement Ring

Canary Diamond Engagement Ring


You can never go wrong with a traditional ring like the one featured below. This 4 prong ring features a 1ct diamond with a white gold setting. 

Tradtional solitary diamond ring 

Tradtional solitary diamond ring 

Custom Rings

Stowe's also loves working with clients to design custom rings using all new diamonds and settings or turning family heirlooms into new one of a kind rings. The picture below is a custom ring designed and created at Stowe's Jewelers. It features at 2ct diamond with .25 carat baguettes flanking either side set in a platinum setting.

Custom Ring 

Custom Ring 

Horice and Joyce Stowe opened Stowe’s Jewelers in 1959.  Fifty-nine years later it continues to thrive under the ownership of their daughters Beth Fugard and Peggy Wiggins. Stowes specializes in fine jewelry with a wide range of prices, custom jewelry design,  fine china, crystal, silver and many other serving pieces. 

We hope everyone has a happy Valentines Day and best of luck to all the guys out there proposing to their favorite girls! We hope to hear from you in the coming day so we can help you plan your dream wedding. 




Jenna Laine Weddings, LLC




Vendor Spotlight- RHR Media

RHR Media

Part of our 2018 blog resolutions is to connect more with our local vendors. Each month we are going to post a vendor spotlight to educate you on their journeys as small business owners and give you a more in depth look at their services. 

For our first vendor spotlight we connected with one of our favorite videographers Robbie Reynolds. Robbie is the owner of RHR Media, one of the fastest growing wedding film companies in the southeast. In 2014, after two decades of working with video as a hobby, and photographing hundreds of weddings, Robbie decided to begin this new adventure. We hope as you read through this post you learn a little more about RHR Media and be sure to watch the beautiful wedding video below featuring one of our 2017 couples. 

RHR Media Logo.PNG

Tell me a little about the services you offer? RHR Media offers three basic products: the highlight film, short film, and ceremony edit. Our highlight film is more like a music video, while the short film is significantly longer and more cinematic. The ceremony edit is simply the wedding ceremony in its entirety. Our pricing ranges from $2,500 to $4,800. Occasionally, clients want something outside of these packages, and we are more than happy to customize a product to fit their needs.

What do you love most about wedding films? There are so many things I love about filming weddings. The phenomenal vendors we get to work with, the uniqueness of each wedding, the creative outlet, and the constant opportunity for growth and improvement all make this more like a fun hobby than an job. But, what I love most about filming weddings are the clients. I constantly hear nightmare stories about working with Bridezillas. Maybe I’ve just been lucky, but I haven’t even come close to having an experience like that. Fortunately, I’ve been blessed to not only work with so many amazing couples and families, but to form friendships that continue to this day. When a bride or family member contacts me days after seeing their film for the first time, and says they can’t quit watching it…..when they tell me they cry every time they see it, that’s what I enjoy most about filming weddings.

Do you travel for weddings or stay local? Not only are we willing to travel, but we enjoy seeing new places. We’ve been fortunate enough to work weddings in New York City, San Francisco, New Orleans, and Key West, Florida. With that said, when our travel is less than 120 miles in one direction, there are typically no travel charges added.

How would you describe your style of filming? My style of filming would probably be best described as Romantic Storytelling. I love to push the boundaries of traditional composition, adding subtle special effects, and color grades. But at the end of the day, it’s all about highlighting the couples story.

What are some tips for Brides as they search for a videographer? When selecting a videographer, there are several things brides should consider. 

  1. Hire an experienced, competent professional. All sorts of unexpected obstacles occur in almost every wedding. Nothing beats experience in dealing with these issues.
  2. Meet your videographer in person prior to the wedding if possible. Forming a comfortable working relationship in advance helps to quell the nervousness some people feel in front of the camera.
  3. As much as possible, avoid choosing a filmmaker based on price. There’s a reason for the drastic differences in what videographers charge. The best equipment in the world is useless in the wrong hands, but the most experienced filmmakers out there would struggle to produce acceptable wedding films with consumer grade equipment. We use very expensive cameras and lenses, audio equipment, lighting, hired assistants, licensed music, etc. These things are essential to producing high quality wedding films. You get one chance at a wedding film. Good enough, just isn’t good enough. 

From a planner stand point we can not stress enough how important wedding films are.  Photos are great, but there's nothing like hearing your vows over and over again as you grow old together or seeing loved ones on film who are no longer with you or reliving that funny first dance.  We are proud to say that all of our brides who chose to work with RHR Media are so happy with their finished products. Robbie and his crew do a great job capturing the essence of the day and the love shared between every couple. Below is a short clip Robbie did this past October of our bride and groom Hannah and Andrew. To see more videos you can check out his profile page on Vimeo 

Contact information for RHR Media:


Facebook: RHR Media

Website: RHR Media

Wedding Registry

Aimee Reynolds, owner of Aimee Reynolds Photography, and I walked through the glass doors of Stowe's Jewelers and were greeted by warm smiles, sweet southern accents and a long wall of fine china, crystal, and beautiful serving pieces. Aimee and I had so much fun playing with Peggy Wiggins, one of Stowe's owners. She shared some very helpful tips on picking the perfect pattern and how not to get stressed out over their huge selection. Here is what we learned;

1) One of Peggys biggest recommendations is to come into Stowe's and taking a look around, snap a few photos, and go home and think about it. This process doesn't need to be stressful, so she said its perfectly fine to take your time and think about the patterns, price ranges and various pieces you will need. 

2) To create a finished look Peggy always recommends putting a charger on the registry. A solid color, like silver or gold, is very versatile and will work with most every day, formal, and holiday china patterns. 

3) If you want to add some pizzaz or interest to a traditional setting pick a fun salad plate. It can add a little dimension and color to the setting without being so overwhelming. 

4) A popular trend here in the South is monogramming your china. You can monogram your salad plate in the center, or even your dinner plate on the outer edge. This is a neat way to make a traditional and simple setting a little more fun and custom. Below you will see a monogrammed bread and butter plate and a unique salad plate paired with a more traditional dinner plate and charger. 

5) Be sure to check out their every day china. These are the plates you will use for taco Tuesday, spaghetti night or morning cereal. One of the top selling brands at Stowe's is Casafina. These plates and serving pieces could easily be mistaken for hand made pottery. They are also dishwasher, over and microwave safe, which make them great for every day use.  

Stowe's Jewelers has been open for 56 years and specializes in custom jewelry design, bridal registry, engraving, and fine jewelry at every price range. Stay tuned for another post on Stowe's Jewelers featuring  some of their gorgeous engagement rings and a few helpful tips on picking the perfect engagement ring! 

You can visit Stowe's at ;

393 Fairhope Avenue, Fairhope, AL


Jenna Laine Weddings, LLC



Wedding Day Yoga

Breath in and breath out...ahhh...feeling relaxed yet? 

Yoga is great for many things. It helps you relax, focus, and strengthens your joints and muscles, which is why we think this popular practice makes a great pre wedding workout. We have partnered with Core Studio owner, Lindsay Rainey, to discuss the benefits of yoga and her special day of wedding yoga session she offers to our clients. 

LINDSAY'S Reasons for incorporating Yoga into your wedding day:

  • First, Yoga gives you a great workout without the feeling of sore muscles, shortness of breath and being drenched in sweat, unless you opt for a hot yoga session. In that case, sweat is an understatement.

  • Next, its a fun activity for a group regardless of everyone’s athleticism. Yoga is a series of stretches and moves that can be altered for each person.

  • Third, it is mindful movement focused. Meaning you are making a mind and body connection and not just burning calories. This process helps to clear your mind and calm your nerves, and who couldn’t use that on their wedding day?

Wedding Day Yoga in Point Clear, Alabama with Core Studio

Wedding Day Yoga in Point Clear, Alabama with Core Studio

You can book Lindsay, or one of her certified Yoga instructors, to come to you at your home or hotel on your wedding day and conduct a 60 minute yoga session. In this class you will focus on breathing, movement, holding poses, and end with a three minute relaxation exercise that includes a eucalyptus soaked towel. You will spend time opening up your hips and pelvis region because as women, that’s where we hold stress. Some great poses Lindsay likes to include in a special wedding session would be lizard, pigeon, and a reclined bridge pose. “After hip openers it is most important to release your spine. If you don’t have a healthy spine, then you really don’t have a healthy body and one of the primary intents of a yoga class is to elongate your spine”, says Lindsay. This is just what you need to prepare you for standing at the altar and dancing the night away at the reception. 

Wedding Day Yoga in Point Clear, Alabama with Core Studio

Wedding Day Yoga in Point Clear, Alabama with Core Studio

“ Yoga can help manage anxiety, let go of fears, and release stress. Not only are you moving and sweating during a class, but you are going to pause, reflect, and find happiness in the moment that you are in now. Take the time to do something that enhance your wedding day and will make great memories with your besties. I promise you won’t regret it.” - Lindsay Rainey #sweatingforthewedding

Wedding Day Yoga in Point Clear, Alabama with Core Studio

Wedding Day Yoga in Point Clear, Alabama with Core Studio

BIOGRAPHY: Lindsay Rainey is RYT 200 certified and the founder of CORE Studio, located in Daphne, Alabama. She has been teaching yoga for over three years and sees the most joy from groups who practice together. She says, “my job as a certified teacher is to find out what works within your body, not to fix a body. Remember you are perfect as you are and sometimes that takes some reminding, which we try and do during all our classes. When I lead a class, I will offer effective sequences and techniques to teach you a new pose, but make sure to cover all the areas of the body from head to toe. It’s the combination of holding poses and moving that creates a therapeutic effect." 

You can learn more about Core Studio on their website where they have their pricing, membership information and class schedule. Lindsay and her staff would love to have you join their classes or help you relax on your wedding day. 

Call Jenna Laine Weddings, LLC today to find out how we can help you coordinate a perfect wedding and your wedding day yoga session! 



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2017 in Review

2017 was a great year at Jenna Laine Weddings, LLC. We had so many exciting things take place this year where do we even begin? Lets start with the amazing brides and grooms we had the chance to work with. We did a total of 49 events, which is our best year yet and we loved getting to know each and every one of you. We also celebrated our 100th wedding back in February. The purchase of our new planning studio in July. Five years of business in November and we welcomed a few new faces to our team! Here's a little glimpse into all the fun we had! 

good confetti.jpg

100th Wedding Celebration

This year we celebrated our 100th wedding. Our first year in business five years ago we did 8 weddings, the following year 15, and this year we did 49! We are so thankful for this growth and can not wait to see what happens in the years to come! Hopefully we will be celebrating our 200th wedding in 2018 or early 2019! 




Thank you to all of our friends, family, and vendors for your love and support throughout this year. 2018 is shaping up to be just as amazing and we can not wait to see how it unfolds!



Jenna Rachal

Jenna Laine Weddings,LLC

24336 US Highway 98

Fairhope, AL 36532




Branding Your Wedding

Keeping up with the ever revolving door of wedding trends is no easy task. The check list of "to do's"  not only include flowers, rentals, lighting, and invitations, but it also includes coming up with a unique brand for your wedding. This can include a catchy #, flashy filter or custom logo printed on everything from invitations, koozies, match boxes and drink stirrers. 

Social Media Branding

Snapchat GeoFilters: are fun overlays that you can add to your snapchat. Its a unique way for your guest to share where they are and what they are doing. They can be made up of the bride and groom's names, the date, a graphic or an Instagram #. Its a great place to incorporate a custom monogram to tie all your wedding accessories together. 

Created by: Weezie B Designs

Created by: Weezie B Designs

Insagram #

Coming up with a clever hashtag is no easy task, so here are a few helpful tips from The Knot. 

1) Start with your names: This may seem like a no brainer, but its a helpful starting point. Use your first, last and nicknames as a starter and then 'mash' them up. Think brangelina and bennifer. It may seem like a basic # , but it is helpful if guest can easily remember it when they go to instagram a cute photo. 

2)Use numbers to help your hashtag stand out. For instance #jackandjill is probably a pretty common hashtag around the world so add your zip code or favorite numbers to the end to make it unique. 

3)Get Punny: This is one part of your wedding you can really have fun with, especially when it comes to word play. Look for alliterations, rhymes, synonyms and puns for a hashtag that's both clever and memorable.

4) Don't Overthink it. You don't have to be extra clever or funny with your hashtag. At the end of the day, it's all about having easy access to the photos you your guest take throughout the evening

Wedding Accessories

A great way to personalize and brand you wedding is by creating a unique crest or monogram. You can introduce this design at the very start by placing it on your save the dates and then carrying it out on your invitations, koozies, cups, and even pillows and coffee stirrers. Below are a few examples from a recent wedding. 

Branding your wedding can be really fun and will help set your wedding apart from all your friends. Here at Jenna Laine Weddings, LLC, we not only help you come up with a unique wedding style, we can also help you to create a custom logo, GeoFilter, napkins, koozies, invitations and other wedding accessories right here in our office. So make an appointment today to get started!! 


Jenna Laine Weddings, LLC


Purchasing Your First Home as NewlyWeds

One of the first steps every newly, married couple faces is the purchase of their first home together. With this big purchase comes many questions. To help sort through some of those questions and the purchasing process I sat down with Realtor Kersten Bowman of Livin' Right Real Estate. Kersten is a licensed Realtor in both Florida and Alabama. She specializes in Residential Real Estate and is one of the top selling agents along Florida's Emerald Coast. She is currently expanding her footprint into Alabama and hopes to find equal success along the Gulf Coast. 

livin right.jpg


How do we know we are ready to buy a house? 

You married the person of your dreams and you are ready to start a life together. To buy a home, or not to buy a home is the next question that often comes to many young newlywed's minds. My initial response to any first time home buyer is, "How long will you be in the area?" For tax purposes, it is beneficial to own a primary residence for a minimum of two years. If this fits into your timeline, take the plunge! Real estate, more times than not, is one of the most secure financial investment options. 

Once we decide to we are ready to buy a home, what's next? 

Once you decide to purchase a home, your next step will be to find a lender and review your finances. Feel free to shop around for a lender you feel comfortable with (Aim to discuss your options with 1-3 loan officers before making your decision). A lender will be involved in your real estate transaction just as much, if not more, than your Realtor. Find a lender that thoroughly explains the lending process to you, is easily accessible (not only from 9:00AM- 5:00PM ) and has competitive mortgage interest rates. I personally suggest using a local lender, however many lenders are licensed in all states and can work with you from a distance. 

How do we find a Realtor and how do we know the Realtor is a good fit for us? 

The best way to find a Realtor is through referral! If you do not have any referrals in the state you will be located in, ask a friend or family member if they have a Realtor that can help you locate an agent in that specific area. You want a Realtor that works with you AND for you. Find a Realtor that thoroughly explains the buying process, answers your phone calls or promptly returns your phone calls, and knows the market area well. To keep it simple, have him/her explain to you their duties and you explain to him/her your expectations before beginning a working relationship. 

Time to Shop! 

Your lender will pre-approve you for a loan and begin communication with your Realtor if they have not already done so. This will help you decide on a budget according to the monthly payment you can afford. Once you have decided your budget, talk with your spouse about a wish list. You may want to visit a few open houses to get a realistic feel for what your budget can buy in your area. Please note, that if you are working with a Realtor during this time, it is polite to inform all parties of this fact while shopping. Once you have your wish list, begin working with your Realtor. He or she will help continue your search, make appointments to view the homes that are convenient with your schedule, and advise you on how to and when to make an offer on the home you choose. 

Contract Review

NEVER feel pressured to sign a contract. Review and understand all of the terms. Do not hesitate to ask your Realtor any questions during this time. Once both parties have agreed to the terms and the contract has been fully executed, escrow begins. A typical closing involving a loan can take 30-45 days. 

How much should we be prepared to put down on a house? 

Depending on the type of loan you qualify for will determine how much money you are required to put down on a home. Some loans, such as a VA Loan, require 0% down. Other loans can require up to 20% down. A licensed lender can help you further answer any financial questions. One thing to note is the earnest money deposit, often referred to as Trust Money or an EMD. This is required to be put down on a home within three to five business days once the contract has been fully executed. This amount can be negotiated, however it is typically 1% of the purchase price of the home. It will be held by the Title Company in an Escrow Account. 

If you have more questions about purchasing a home or are in need of a Realtor you can contact Kersten for information or referrals. She would love to help you start your new life together in a new home! 


Kersten Reed Bowman

Lead Residential Sales Associate

Licensed in Alabama and Florida


À La Carte Items--Package Details

If you have been following along with us for the past few weeks and have concluded that while our services are wonderful, they don't exactly meet your needs, we've got good news for you. Our À La Carte menu offers a way to completely customize your service. We have the ability to price out and add to any package at any time. 

If you are choosing the Partial Package but also want us to help out with the Rehearsal Dinner and the Bridesmaid's Luncheon, we can! Maybe you want us to take care of designing and  assembling your welcome boxes or need to add on vendor assistance that is outside your package description, absolutely doable!! 



We want our brides to be able to fully relax and enjoy the planning process for this important season of your life. We are willing to be as involved as you need and want to help in the way you need it. Sometimes you may not even know what help you need until you're right up on it and get overwhelmed, no worries, we can step in and add services at any time!

Aside from additional wedding coverages we also offer our custom wedding paper suites as an add on. If you want to create all or part of your wedding stationary with us we can help with that. Our graphic designer can even work with you to design a custom logo to be used throughout your wedding design. We also have a select portion of retail items such as customizable guest books, garters, toasting flutes and other wedding accessories.

Photographer:  Avery Forrest Photography  Calligraphy:  Southern Calligraphy  

Photographer: Avery Forrest Photography Calligraphy: Southern Calligraphy 



Let us start customizing a package for you today!


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