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Jenna Laine Weddings: Whitfield and Blake

We absolutely loved working with Whitfield and Blake, along with their families, to plan their beautiful April wedding day. From the floral details to the beautiful bridesmaid dresses to tented reception, the design details of their wedding were incredible. They had some of the sweetest moments, too— from the precious first look between Whitfield and her dad to the emotional moment she walked down the aisle to Blake. Aimee and Robbie Reynolds captured the day perfectly with the photos and video below. Working with this sweet couple was a joy, and we wish we could do it all over again! Cheers to the Griffeth’s!

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Tell us your story as a couple.

Our story begins at a Christmas bonfire 2013 when a group of friends gathered to celebrate being home for the holidays.  You read about “love at first sight” but it really does happen – we’ve been together ever since that night!  The first few years were challenged by distance with Blake working in Seattle and I finishing school in Tuscaloosa.  Three years later, underneath a beautiful arbor with twinkling lights, Blake proposed marriage to me on bended knee!  With tears and a joyful heart – the answer was yes.  Planning began immediately.  April 7, 2018, Blake and I tied the knot with the help of friends, family and the best wedding coordinators ever!  It was an absolute dream – I wouldn’t change a thing about our wedding day.  Blake and I happily reside in Williamsburg, Virginia with our two pups, Cyrus and Bailey.

What was your favorite part of the planning process?

My favorite part of the planning process was being able to talk openly about a variety of options with Jenna and Courtney.  They would bring wonderful ideas to the table and we would discuss the pros and cons of all until a decision was made.  I chose every single detail of our big day with Mom by my side the whole way. It was such a special time for Mom and I and …she kept me sane!  Jenna and Courtney made the planning so easy and let’s not forget the famous Leslie Gilbert as she orchestrated the wedding day without a ripple!  They had a plan for everything – rain, sleet or snow – they were ready to go!!

What was your favorite moment of the day?

Favorite details abound about our wedding day, but one particular memory is my favorite.  I’ve had many special people who loved and molded me through the years.  One such person was my Grandfather, S.M. Broughton - we called him Pop for short.  Pop had a silver cross that he kept near and dear to him at all times.  Another such person was my Grandmother, Betty Carolyn McDonnieal Kittrell– we called her Memaw.  Memaw loved a good handkerchief but she had some favorites that she always carried to church or special occasions such as weddings or funerals.  One of her favorites was an initialed handkerchief embroidered in light blue. To my surprise, Mom carefully stitched both treasures inside the skirt of my wedding dress so these two important people were beside me the whole way!

If you could give advice to another bride in the process of planning her wedding what would it be?

I would advise every bride to take a deep breath and love every second of the planning process!  I know it can be stressful but take a minute to enjoy where you are because your big day will be here before you know it!

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Jenna Laine Weddings
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Jenna Laine Weddings
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Design, Planning, Coordination: Jenna Laine Weddings | Venue: Fox Meadow Farms | Photography: Aimee Reynolds Photography | Florist: Wildflowers | Catering: Rob and Brandy | Rentals: SOHO | Cake: Couture Cakes | Videography: Robbie Reynolds | Band: 2nd Groove Band I Hair and Makeup: Makeup and Hair by Chaney

Jenna Laine Weddings: Sunny and Mic

Nestled under beautiful Oak Trees along Mobile Bay is a beautiful Bay Home with wrap around porches, where many family weddings have taken place in the past. When Sunny and Mic got engaged they thought they would continue this family tradition. We worked hard to put together a beautiful, bay inspired wedding. However, mother nature had other plans and sent a massive thunderstorm right up the middle of Mobile Bay. Despite the downpour and pool of water that gathered on Sunny and Mic’s dance floor they made the best of it by kicking off their shoes, poured another drink and dancing the night away with all their guests. Ironically enough the downpour became one of their favorite parts of the entire day.

Photographer:  Josh Malahy Photography

Tell us your story.

Mic and I met in a college bar. I was with my mom and one of my bridesmaids, Alison. Alison introduced us, and my mother sparked interest by saying “One of y’all needs to date him.” Mic had a girlfriend at the time, but we became instant friends. Fast forward six months - we are in the same bar, and my mother asks him “Where’s your girlfriend?” When he replied that he was single, she kicked me so hard under the table I am still recovering from the bruise. Then I convinced Mic to be the coach of a charity flag football league I was playing in for Alzheimer’s Awareness. My stunning athleticism and knack for injuring myself just captivated him. At the post-game party. Mic cornered me and said: “If you’re all in, I’m all in.” We had out first date shortly after and have been inseparable since. I called my friends and said, “ So, I think I am dating a boy…I think we will get engaged.” They gave me a lot of grief, naturally, but we were engaged 10 months later and married two days shy of our two year dating anniversary.

What was your favorite moment of your wedding day?

There are so many to choose from. My favorite part of our day was the torrential downpour. We are used to rainy days in the Grove at Ole Miss before football games. Weather is unpredictable. It should have rained all day, but for some reason, it waited until around 9 p.m. and it poured! It should have been an absolute mess, but Jenna and all our friends rolled with it! The tent flooded, we took off our shoes, the boys rolled up their pants and we all poured another drink. It has to be my favorite moment of the day. Mic and I were married. All of our friends were together, and it was similar to the best Grove day ever. It also helped that Mic requested ‘Africa’ by Toto, and we sure “blessed the rains” down in Fairhope.

If you could come give advice to another bride in the process of planning her wedding what would that be?

My advice would be to relax, as hard as that is! At the end of the day, you are still married and most guests only remember the rocking good time they had. Also, working with Jenna and her team, we were on a great timeline. We only had a couple of to-do items a month, and it was manageable! Also, I would suggest trying to have “dates” with your mom where you don’t talk about wedding stuff! My mom and I got together a lot to do “wedding stuff” and travel back and forth from Fairhope. It was nice to go to lunch or shopping with her and not talk about wedding details and just be normal. Same with Mic! Date night meant no wedding talk.

What was your favorite part of the planning process?

Cake tasting. Mic and I both have a huge sweet tooth and love a good piece of cake! Cake tasting was something we looked forward to for so long. I honestly want to cake taste everyday. Couture Cakes in Daphne has the best cake. We decided on the coconut filling and can’t wait to have another slice at one year.

Vendor Information

Photographer: Josh Malahy Photography , Florist: Wildflowers , Rental Company: SOHO Events and Rentals, Lighting: Willow Bridges, INC Cake: Couture Cakes Band: East Coast Entertainment Catering: Clifton Morrissette Catering Bar: Mark Kidd

How to Assemble Your Wedding Invitations

Today we thought we would address a common question we get from our clients, “How do I stuff my wedding invitations?” Wedding invitations can include the invitation, response card and envelope, maps, reception cards, accommodation cards and sometimes detail cards regarding a welcome party, after party or farewell brunch. With all these pieces, I can see why someone who is stuffing invitations for the first time may be a little confused, but don’t worry, it’s easier than it looks.

Photographer Sarah Kate Photography

Photographer Sarah Kate Photography

Step 1: Lay your invitation down words facing up. *if you decide to use tissue, place the tissue on top of the invitation. Traditionally tissue was used to keep the inks from bleeding onto the other items, but these days people tend to forgo the tissue due to the upgrade in inks and other types of printing.

Step 2: Place the reception card onto of the invitation (or tissue) face up.

Step 3: If you do not have any additional inserts skip to step 4. If you do have additional enclosures such as a map or accommodation card stack those wording up on top of the reception card. The particular order of these items does not matter, just layer them largest on the bottom and smallest on the top.

Step 4: Lay the response envelope with the flap facing upwards. Tuck the response card with the wording side up under the response envelope flap.

Step 5: Place all the items in your stack inside your inner envelope. When your guest open the envelope the words should be facing them.

Step 6: Place the inner envelope inside the outer envelope. When your guest open the outer envelope their names on the front of the inner envelope should be facing them.

Photographer: Dragonfly Photography

Photographer: Dragonfly Photography

Jenna Laine Weddings : Katie & Trent

Last February, Katie and Trent were blessed with a perfect Spring like day at the Grand Hotel. They opted to do a first look under the hotels gorgeous Oak Trees, followed by an intimate ceremony along the bay and a fun filled reception inside the newly renovated Magnolia Ballroom. We love the soft color palette and loose garden style arrangements made by Wildflowers Fairhope. Working with Katie and her mom to plan this wedding was a dream, they really trusted our team and because of that were able to enjoy the entire planning process and their special day.

How did you two meet?

Trent and I met at a brewery in Athens, Georgia thanks in large part to my dog, CoCo. Her leash got wrapped up with Trent’s feet, we started talking, and the rest is history!

What were your favorite details of your wedding?

Having our wedding monogram on everything from our invitations to our welcome boxes and koozies was my favorite detail. It was a sentimental way to tie everything together since we plan on using the monogram on our Christmas cards and stationery for years to come.

What was your favorite moment of the day?

My favorite moment of the day was following the ceremony when Trent and I had a moment to ourselves. We took some portraits with our photographer and ate a private dinner prior to entering the reception. After planning and dreaming of this day for so long we finally had a moment to sit back and soak it all in.

If you could give any advice to brides currently planning their weddings what would it be?

First of all, I highly recommend all brides higher a planner or at the very least a day of coordinator. The last thing you want to be worried about on the day of your wedding is logistical things, like when is the cake going to be delivered? Jenna was a complete delight to work with throughout the planning process, but she also made sure our wedding day ran smoothly. Also, I tell everyone I know who is planning a wedding to trust their planner and vendors. It’s so easy as a bride to get bogged down in every little decision you have to make-what color should the napkins be, how many tables do we need, etc. Don’t stress yourself out over those little things. Your vendors know what they are doing, so trust them and them for advice.

What was your favorite part of the planning process?

My favorite part of the planning process was getting to spend quality time with my mom. She was just as excited (if not more) as I was about our wedding. Our trips to Fairhope to meet with Jenna and our other vendors are some of my fondest memories with her.

Rentals: SOHO Events and Rentals Florist: Wildflowers Fairhope Location Grand Hotel Resort and Spa Photographer: Elizabeth Gelineau Photography Cake: Couture Cakes Hair and Makeup: Becca Townley and Danna Smith Studio BM Dresses: Bella Bridesmaids

Wedding Registry

Aimee Reynolds, owner of Aimee Reynolds Photography, and I walked through the glass doors of Stowe's Jewelers and were greeted by warm smiles, sweet southern accents and a long wall of fine china, crystal, and beautiful serving pieces. Aimee and I had so much fun playing with Peggy Wiggins, one of Stowe's owners. She shared some very helpful tips on picking the perfect pattern and how not to get stressed out over their huge selection. Here is what we learned;

1) One of Peggys biggest recommendations is to come into Stowe's and taking a look around, snap a few photos, and go home and think about it. This process doesn't need to be stressful, so she said its perfectly fine to take your time and think about the patterns, price ranges and various pieces you will need. 

2) To create a finished look Peggy always recommends putting a charger on the registry. A solid color, like silver or gold, is very versatile and will work with most every day, formal, and holiday china patterns. 

3) If you want to add some pizzaz or interest to a traditional setting pick a fun salad plate. It can add a little dimension and color to the setting without being so overwhelming. 

4) A popular trend here in the South is monogramming your china. You can monogram your salad plate in the center, or even your dinner plate on the outer edge. This is a neat way to make a traditional and simple setting a little more fun and custom. Below you will see a monogrammed bread and butter plate and a unique salad plate paired with a more traditional dinner plate and charger. 

5) Be sure to check out their every day china. These are the plates you will use for taco Tuesday, spaghetti night or morning cereal. One of the top selling brands at Stowe's is Casafina. These plates and serving pieces could easily be mistaken for hand made pottery. They are also dishwasher, over and microwave safe, which make them great for every day use.  

Stowe's Jewelers has been open for 56 years and specializes in custom jewelry design, bridal registry, engraving, and fine jewelry at every price range. Stay tuned for another post on Stowe's Jewelers featuring  some of their gorgeous engagement rings and a few helpful tips on picking the perfect engagement ring! 

You can visit Stowe's at ;

393 Fairhope Avenue, Fairhope, AL


Jenna Laine Weddings, LLC




2017 in Review

2017 was a great year at Jenna Laine Weddings, LLC. We had so many exciting things take place this year where do we even begin? Lets start with the amazing brides and grooms we had the chance to work with. We did a total of 49 events, which is our best year yet and we loved getting to know each and every one of you. We also celebrated our 100th wedding back in February. The purchase of our new planning studio in July. Five years of business in November and we welcomed a few new faces to our team! Here's a little glimpse into all the fun we had! 

good confetti.jpg

100th Wedding Celebration

This year we celebrated our 100th wedding. Our first year in business five years ago we did 8 weddings, the following year 15, and this year we did 49! We are so thankful for this growth and can not wait to see what happens in the years to come! Hopefully we will be celebrating our 200th wedding in 2018 or early 2019! 




Thank you to all of our friends, family, and vendors for your love and support throughout this year. 2018 is shaping up to be just as amazing and we can not wait to see how it unfolds!



Jenna Rachal

Jenna Laine Weddings,LLC

24336 US Highway 98

Fairhope, AL 36532




The Day Of Bride--Package Details

The Day Of Planning Package is really better described as month of service. Our brides who utilize this service are handling all aspects of the planning process on their own but recognize the value of having a third party coordinate all the details those last few weeks leading up to the wedding day. 

Photographer:  Rae Leytham Photography

With the Day Of Bride we begin around thirty days out from the wedding. At this point we will set up a call or meeting to discuss all the details of the day. We get the vendor information and begin to contact them to come up with a master timeline for how the day will flow. We will meet with the bride for a final walk through of the venue space to learn the layout and where you envision seeing everything from the food and cake to the welcome book and favors. Day Of Brides often have welcome gifts for their out of town guests, and we will even take care of delivering these to hotels for you.

Photographer:  Rae Leytham Photography

When it comes to the wedding weekend we are your right hand gals. We're there to coordinate and run your ceremony rehearsal, set up all of your personal items and break down the wedding itself. We are there on site for up to ten hours on the wedding day. We are there to ensure every vendor is on time and performs the tasks you hired them to do. We stay through to the end of your reception and make sure all of your personal items and gifts are packed away leaving you and your family to enjoy the festivities. 

Photographer:  Rae Leytham Photography

Please let us know if The Day Of Planning Package meets your needs. We would love to get started with you today! 


Jenna Laine Weddings, LLC

Click here to see more images from this gorgeous wedding captured by Rae Leytham Photogarphy, designed by mother of the Groom- Lorna Huey and Wildflower. 

The Full Service Bride--Package Details

Welcome back for the second week to talk about our different packages and services that can help you bring your dream day to fruition. Today we will go over our Full Service Planning Package.

Photo Credit: Dragonfly Photography

This package is focused on the wedding itself. Full Service Brides are offered unlimited meetings Monday through Thursday during business hours and emails as well as complete management and coverage of all aspects of the wedding day, and ceremony rehearsal. Our design team works hand in hand with you to create a mood board based on your vision, and communicates with each vendor on your behalf to make sure these plans come to life. We will go with you to the florist to design your bouquets and centerpieces. Help you pick out linens, china, chairs, and furniture at the rental company, and even work with you to pick out your catering and bar menu and favorite cake flavors.

Photo Credit: Admoni Photography

All weekend merchandise can be customized with us from your napkins to your welcome boxes. We will even assemble and deliver these to the hotels where we have set up room blocks for your guests. We begin with these clients at the very beginning. Working on design plans, and over all vision down to the finite details as well. The Full Service Planning Package includes budget management and monthly step by step to do lists.

Full Service Brides are also able to take advantage of our custom paper designs for their entire wedding suite. Our team can design your save the dates, invitations, programs, koozies, you name it. Jenna Laine Weddings has an in house graphic designer who can create custom logos and crests for all of your wedding paper and accessories. 

Photo Credit: Dragonfly Photography

When it comes to wedding week we are your right hand gals. We are there to coordinate and run your ceremony rehearsal, and again on the wedding day to set up and break down the wedding itself. Your planner and an assistant will be on site from start to finish, ensuring every vendor is on time and fully equipped to make your event go off without a hitch. They will stay until the end of the evening to ensure your personal items are packed away, leaving you and your family to enjoy the festivities. 

Please let us know if The Full Service Planning Package sounds like exactly what you need. We would love to get started with you today!