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Vendor Spotlight- RHR Media

RHR Media

Part of our 2018 blog resolutions is to connect more with our local vendors. Each month we are going to post a vendor spotlight to educate you on their journeys as small business owners and give you a more in depth look at their services. 

For our first vendor spotlight we connected with one of our favorite videographers Robbie Reynolds. Robbie is the owner of RHR Media, one of the fastest growing wedding film companies in the southeast. In 2014, after two decades of working with video as a hobby, and photographing hundreds of weddings, Robbie decided to begin this new adventure. We hope as you read through this post you learn a little more about RHR Media and be sure to watch the beautiful wedding video below featuring one of our 2017 couples. 

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Tell me a little about the services you offer? RHR Media offers three basic products: the highlight film, short film, and ceremony edit. Our highlight film is more like a music video, while the short film is significantly longer and more cinematic. The ceremony edit is simply the wedding ceremony in its entirety. Our pricing ranges from $2,500 to $4,800. Occasionally, clients want something outside of these packages, and we are more than happy to customize a product to fit their needs.

What do you love most about wedding films? There are so many things I love about filming weddings. The phenomenal vendors we get to work with, the uniqueness of each wedding, the creative outlet, and the constant opportunity for growth and improvement all make this more like a fun hobby than an job. But, what I love most about filming weddings are the clients. I constantly hear nightmare stories about working with Bridezillas. Maybe I’ve just been lucky, but I haven’t even come close to having an experience like that. Fortunately, I’ve been blessed to not only work with so many amazing couples and families, but to form friendships that continue to this day. When a bride or family member contacts me days after seeing their film for the first time, and says they can’t quit watching it…..when they tell me they cry every time they see it, that’s what I enjoy most about filming weddings.

Do you travel for weddings or stay local? Not only are we willing to travel, but we enjoy seeing new places. We’ve been fortunate enough to work weddings in New York City, San Francisco, New Orleans, and Key West, Florida. With that said, when our travel is less than 120 miles in one direction, there are typically no travel charges added.

How would you describe your style of filming? My style of filming would probably be best described as Romantic Storytelling. I love to push the boundaries of traditional composition, adding subtle special effects, and color grades. But at the end of the day, it’s all about highlighting the couples story.

What are some tips for Brides as they search for a videographer? When selecting a videographer, there are several things brides should consider. 

  1. Hire an experienced, competent professional. All sorts of unexpected obstacles occur in almost every wedding. Nothing beats experience in dealing with these issues.
  2. Meet your videographer in person prior to the wedding if possible. Forming a comfortable working relationship in advance helps to quell the nervousness some people feel in front of the camera.
  3. As much as possible, avoid choosing a filmmaker based on price. There’s a reason for the drastic differences in what videographers charge. The best equipment in the world is useless in the wrong hands, but the most experienced filmmakers out there would struggle to produce acceptable wedding films with consumer grade equipment. We use very expensive cameras and lenses, audio equipment, lighting, hired assistants, licensed music, etc. These things are essential to producing high quality wedding films. You get one chance at a wedding film. Good enough, just isn’t good enough. 

From a planner stand point we can not stress enough how important wedding films are.  Photos are great, but there's nothing like hearing your vows over and over again as you grow old together or seeing loved ones on film who are no longer with you or reliving that funny first dance.  We are proud to say that all of our brides who chose to work with RHR Media are so happy with their finished products. Robbie and his crew do a great job capturing the essence of the day and the love shared between every couple. Below is a short clip Robbie did this past October of our bride and groom Hannah and Andrew. To see more videos you can check out his profile page on Vimeo 

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