Rebranding with the Best

As you all know by now, we have rebranded the business as Jenna Laine Weddings, which required a lot of work and we could not have done it without the help of some very talented people. For todays blog post, I wanted to take a minute to thank the businesses and individuals who helped to rebrand us and reprint our stationery, signs, business cards, and so much more! 

First, lets start with Hadley Binion Designs. She is was the brains behind the new logo and our awesome new brand! We started with a brainstorming meeting, followed by a preview meeting and then by our third meeting she had completed the logo and the branding board and it was a perfect representation of our business and the image we want to convey to our clients. It took very little effort on our part, which was great, due to our busy schedule. From there, Hadley designed our fabulous business cards, stationery, and social media post (those will be up on our Instagram and Facebook soon). She also added a boarder to our wedding planning information package. Here are some photos of Hadley's amazing work! Thank you Hadley! 


Amanda Comer at 5A Multi Media created our new website. While our previous  website did a great job for us over the past four years, we thought that along with our new brand, we should start from scratch and create something fresh and new that coordinated with our new brand. Amanda took all of our 'wants' and 'must haves' and designed out dream site! We feel that this new site has a clean and professional look and is easy to navigate. Website building is not something we claim to be good at, so having Amanda there to  lead the way was a huge help. She even took the time to sit down with us to explain how to update photos, blog post and content so we can now manage the site on our own, but is sure is nice to know that Amanda is just a call away should we get stuck!


Jubilee Print Design is responsible for our gorgeous signage. We sent Judd our new logo and branding board and he did the rest and within a week or two the signs were up. We now have a door logo, hanging building sign and a road sign. You can see us coming and going as you drive down North Section Street. 

Weezie B Designs has helped us with our marketing materials. They did new tanks and t-shirts, which you can purchase in the store, notepads for new client gifts, new name tags for our staff, tags for our merchandise, gold JL stickers and a car magnet. All the ladies of Weezie B Design were wonderful to work with and were able to get us all of our products within just a few weeks. We sent them the new logo and branding board and they came up with the rest!  Thank you Weezie B Designs! 

We want to extend a HUGE thank you out to all of these vendors who helped us re launch our company. Jenna Laine Weddings is now looking better than ever thanks to you!  

Best Wishes,

Jenna Laine Weddings